There’s more to property marketing than meets the eye, especially when it comes to finer properties in excess of the £750,000 mark.

Good agents will of course advertise extensively on prominent property portals, digitally, and in the press; although to us, this means large high-quality colour adverts, not continually repeated smaller ones the size of a postage stamp! Larger adverts not only draw the buyers’ eye, but also demonstrate a degree of commitment to the sale and are regarded as a “vote of approval” from the agent. Why would an agent spend so much on advertising a property if they thought it was anything other than a highly desirable proposition?

However, some of our clients want effective well-targeted exposure, without pictures of their property being plastered all over the internet. This is where we use our heads as well as our marketing budget. For example, one of the things we do when a property is new to market is circulate details not only to our hottest buyers, but also to the owners of selected neighbouring properties.

Everyone knows someone who is moving, and most people move into areas where they have friends, yet few agents tap into this valuable resource. This approach can give a head start to a property before it is advertised generally, making it “new on the market” for longer!

Of course, some vendors demand more discretion, and we are able to respond with great sensitivity in these instances. For example, we can provide “privilege” marketing by offering a property verbally to key qualified buyers, who are inevitably excited by the private approach.

Whatever your requirements, our approach is to ensure that you are not simply satisfied with our marketing efforts on your behalf, but delighted! Our reputation depends on it!

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