Many estate agents will flatter you and promote themselves by claiming that they’ll get you the “highest price in the shortest possible time”. This is easy to say, but not so easy for most agents to justify or indeed deliver! Effective property sales involve a combination of great presentation, attractive pricing and effective marketing along with a host of other techniques that facilitate a successful sale.

As innovative estate agents with our finger firmly on the pulse of the local property market, we do things a bit differently at Fitzjohn Estates. One of the innovations that we have recently introduced is the “secret agent” concept whereby a property is offered “off-market” – and it’s proving to be hugely effective.

In essence, instead of bringing your property to market in the expected way with the usual initial exposure across the property portals, local advertising, window display, website, etc, we make it quietly known to suitable pre-qualified buyers that the property is “about to come onto the market”. This “advance notice” really excites buyers as they feel they have exclusive access to a property that other buyers do not. During this pre-marketing phase we find that buyers are more likely to pay the full asking price rather than lose out.

This technique is especially effective for properties that could possibly command an excellent price from one of a small pool of buyers, or where the vendor wants to try an ambitious price for a short period of time without exposing the property to the risk of going stale on the market – one of the worst things that can happen to a property!

Alternatively, if you have a property that has remained unsold for several months, it might just be worth “withdrawing” it from the market and reoffering it in this way, with us as your “secret agent”. You might be in for a pleasant surprise!

Why not call us today on 01234 380360, in confidence, to see how a more creative approach to property sales can pay real dividends?

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